Stuff I use in my work and projects

This is inspired by Wes Bos who has created


I use Visual Studio Code with the theme Synthwave '84 and the font Fira Code. I like the ligatures in Fira.


Google Chrome. Occasionally Firefox for debugging CSS Grid.

A few Chrome extensions:

Online tools

Desktop apps

  • Backblaze - Backup of my entire hard drive. Peace of mind.

Portable office

I prefer being able to set up easily wherever I go. With me always:

  • Rooster Laptop Stand - Better ergonomy when working for many hours straight. A stack of books works just as well, but this one foldes together nicely and is easy to travel with.
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 - Keeping it simple here! This mouse has served me well for many years.
  • Logitech Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Keyboard - This keyboard is super slim and can fit in any computer bag without problem. Sometimes I connect it to my phone and, using the included phone stand or leaning the phone against something, I can type wherever I am even if I don't have my laptop. It doesn't have F-keys though, which has made me look for an alternative to this.

Other gear

  • Sony MDR1000X - Excellent noise cancelling headphones, still going strong after a few years on the road. Haven't found a reason to upgrade.
  • Kobo Glo - E-reader in small format, perfect for traveling. Articles in my Pocket account syncs here.