"Since my house burned down,
I now own a better view,
Of the rising moon"

Mizuta Masahide

But... why?

I find it increasingly important to be mindful of what I let into my life in terms of materialistic "stuff", people and attention grabbers (social media being the main offender perhaps). Some resources that has helped me:

  • For digital minimalism:
  • For materialistic minimalism:
    • Marie Kondo has almost become a verb at this point. Her approach might seem a bit "out there" for a lot of people. I find the "does it spark joy"-method helpful. Her book, The life-changing magic of tidying up, goes into detail on how to optimize each part of your home for a minimalist lifestyle.
    • Something Derek Sivers writes in his book Anything you want inspired me: "I live simply. I don't own a house, a car, or even a TV. The less I own, the happier I am. The lack of stuff gives me the priceless freedom to live anywhere I want, at any time."
    • George Carlin does his incredibly funny standup routine about "stuff": YouTube link. "That's all your house is, it's a place to keep your stuff while you go out to get more stuff." This is tongue-in-cheek obviously, but it hits close to home.
    • The master of dry humour, Steven Wright, perhaps sums it up the best: "You can't have everything; where would you put it?" I can't find the clip, but this Special is a good laugh: YouTube link

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